Saving is a tricky financial discipline to master. Most people agree that it’s wise to save, but are unsure as how best to do it. They try one way, take a break, then try another. It’s similar to the way many people try to eat healthily. Again, we all agree to the benefits of healthy eating, but few can stick to the right diet for a period long enough to produce significant results.

Just as different diets work for different people, we cannot view investments as a cookie-cut, one-solution-fits-all models. And, just as with dieting, creative and tailored solutions often work best! As a financial advisor, it’s my job to be your financial dietician!

A recent popular theme of conversation has been the Tim Noakes diet. For some people it is a radical solution that works wonders, while others see no change at all. If you want to lose weight you need to monitor your food intake, exercise daily and tailor your lifestyle.

The same goes for investments; you need to monitor your income, invest wisely and live the lifestyle that will grant you the financial independance that you desire. If you can turn your determination into habit, you will almost certainly become wealthy!

When it comes to someone that is super fit and exercises every day, it is not the specific exercise that they do but the fact that they are staying active. The same goes for savings. It isn’t about the specific investment that may be lucrative, it is about ‘exercising’ your frugality and making wise decisions for future success.

If you are committed to being financially independent you should steer clear of all debt, rent a small apartment (or share living space) for as long as possible and keep driving that small car that is light on petrol until it gives up the ghost.

Next, there is a large selection of investments to choose from, you can start small with an indexed unit trust that invests in shares. Then, the hard part, putting away between 20-30% of your salary. There will always be excuses that you give yourself as to why you shouldn’t save, but you need to keep your eyes on the prize if you want this plan to work. Remember that there is no magic formula for success, it takes years of dedication to become financially independent. These examples are not specific to any person, but reveal general attitudes to money management.

If you want to make a change the will reap significant results – let’s chat!

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